Old School Chocolate Concrete Cake

Old School Chocolate Concrete Cake

If you're a fan of old school desserts, then you're in for a treat with this classic chocolate concrete cake recipe. This simple yet delicious cake has been a favourite for generations, and it's easy to see why. The rich chocolate flavour and dense, fudgy texture make it a real crowd-pleaser. In this blog post, I'll take you through the step-by-step process of making your very own chocolate concrete cake at home.

The allure of the chocolate concrete cake transcends mere taste; it is a nostalgic journey for many. Its robust, hearty texture, akin to that of concrete, hence its name, is a testament to the distinctive baking approach it requires. Unlike other cakes that aim for sponginess, this one revels in its solidity and the delightful contrast between its crisp edges and dense, fudgy centre. This cake's simplicity belies its depth of flavour, with each bite offering a rich, chocolatey embrace that seems to unfold layers of memories for those who grew up enjoying it. The chocolate concrete cake's enduring popularity is not just about the taste but also the shared experiences it evokes, from school canteens to family kitchens, making it a treasured recipe passed down through generations. Its straightforward ingredients and uncomplicated method of preparation mean that anyone can recreate this beloved dessert, bringing a piece of heritage into their home. This cake serves not only as a dessert but as a slice of nostalgia, making it a unique offering in the world of confectioneries. Its charm lies not only in its taste but in its ability to connect people to their past, making every bite a cherished moment.

For the creation of this sumptuous chocolate concrete cake, a collection of straightforward yet essential ingredients is required. These are staple items likely already nestled in your kitchen cupboards, awaiting their moment to shine. To embark on this baking endeavour, ensure you have to hand...


  • 400g Plain flour, which will form the base of your cake.
  • 50g of the unmistakable chocolatey essence is achieved through the use of rich cocoa powder – selecting a high-quality variety here is crucial for that deep, indulgent flavour.
  • The sweetness is introduced via 300g of caster sugar,
  • Whilst the 300g of butter, preferably unsalted, lends the cake its moist and fudgy texture.

Remember, the quality of your ingredients plays a pivotal role in the final taste and texture of your chocolate concrete cake, so choose them with care. With these ingredients at the ready, you're well on your way to creating a dessert that not only tastes delightful but also carries with it the essence of tradition and the warmth of home baking.

Before embarking on the delightful journey of baking your chocolate concrete cake, creating a well-organised baking station is essential. First and foremost, ignite the oven's warmth by setting it to 150c preheating temperature, ensuring it reaches the perfect heat by the time your cake batter is ready. Next, attention turns to your chosen baking tin. Line it meticulously with greaseproof paper, a step that promises an effortless release of your dense, fudgy creation, preserving its integrity and making the serving process seamless.

The act of preparation extends beyond the physical setup; it's about ensuring a smooth baking experience. Measure out each ingredient accurately, placing them within easy reach. This precision not only simplifies the mixing process but also ensures that the rich, chocolatey essence of the cake is flawlessly balanced with sweetness and texture. Each ingredient plays a pivotal role, and having them pre-measured allows for a focus on the artistry of baking rather than the mechanics.


  1. Embarking on the journey to create your chocolate concrete cake, begin by preheating your oven to the recommended temperature, ensuring it's ready to welcome your creation. The first step delicately sieve the plain flour, sugar and cocoa powder together, ensuring there are no lumps. Gradually incorporate the melted butter or margarine and mix well. The ingredients, once combined, will resemble a fudgy paste texture.
  1. Once your batter has reached the desired consistency, gently pour it into the prepared baking tin. Smooth the top with a spatula, encouraging an even bake. Place the tin in the centre of your preheated oven and bake until the edges start to pull away from the sides of the tin and the surface is firm to the touch. This usually takes about 25-30minutes, but ovens may vary, so keeping an eye on your cake's progress is advised.
  1. After removing the cake from the oven, let it cool in the tin for a few minutes. This rest period allows the cake to settle, making it easier to slice into the traditional square servings. The transformation from batter to baked cake is not just a culinary process but a heart warming experience, yielding a dessert that's as rich in texture as it is in flavour.

Achieving the quintessential texture in your chocolate concrete cake, reminiscent of its namesake, requires a mindful approach during the mixing process. It is imperative to fold in the dry ingredients with a light hand; overzealous mixing can lead to an overly developed gluten network, rendering the cake tough rather than delightfully dense and fudgy. This cake thrives on its unique texture, so precision in mixing is key.

Additionally, the baking time is pivotal - removing the cake from the oven at the precise moment when it has baked through but retains its moisture is an art. A cocktail stick inserted into the centre should emerge with a few moist crumbs attached, signalling the perfect point of doneness.

Another tip to consider is allowing the cake to cool in the tin for a brief period post-baking. This not only makes handling easier but also helps in achieving that characteristic dense texture as it continues to set while cooling.

Finally, do not underestimate the importance of quality ingredients. High-quality cocoa powder and real butter can dramatically influence the texture and flavour profile of your cake, transforming a simple dessert

into an extraordinary one. These small but significant adjustments and considerations ensure that your chocolate concrete cake will have the ideal balance of crispy edges and a dense, fudgy centre that makes this dessert so beloved.

While the traditional chocolate concrete cake stands out for its simplicity and robust flavour, there’s always room for a bit of creativity when it comes to serving. Elevate this humble dessert by pairing it with a generous dollop of freshly whipped cream, adding a light, creamy contrast to its dense texture. Alternatively, a scoop of vanilla ice cream can provide a delightful cold counterpoint to the rich, warm cake, making for an irresistible combination, or if wanting to really feel those old school feels why not heat it up with chocolate flavoured custard.

For those keen on incorporating a bit more texture or flavour into the cake itself, consider stirring through a handful of chopped nuts – walnuts or hazelnuts work wonderfully – or chocolate chips before baking. These additions can introduce a pleasant crunch or pockets of melted chocolate, adding layers of interest to the cake’s fudgy heart.

Adventurous bakers might also experiment with spices. A dash of cinnamon or a whisper of chilli powder can intertwine beautifully with the cocoa, offering an unexpected warmth and complexity that dances on the palate.

If you’re catering to a festive occasion, why not drizzle the top of your cake with a simple icing glaze or dust with icing sugar? These finishing touches not only enhance the cake’s visual appeal but can also complement the deep chocolate flavour with a sweet contrast.

Remember, the essence of this cake lies in its versatility and the joy it brings to those who share it. Feel free to explore these variations or come up with your own, making your chocolate concrete cake a personalised treat that continues to delight and surprise.

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I hope you all have a wonderful day.

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