Welcome To A Country Girls Kitchen

Hello to all you wonderful people who find themselves on my blog. My names Sophie, the creator behind this blog.

Welcome To A Country Girls Kitchen

So what is A Country Girls Kitchen I hear you say. Well let me tell you. A Country Girls Kitchen is exactly that! A Country Girl creating and trialling new and exciting recipes in her kitchen.

Cauliflower rice with salmon, green beans, and tomatoes - a delicious and healthy meal bursting with flavours!

Ever since I can remember I have always had a passion for cooking and baking and I have the amazing women in my life to thank for their cooking flare and style. I can remember like it was yesterday my mother putting my up on a stool so I could reach the worktop to help her cook. Or my grandmother bringing a bowl to the kitchen table for me to mix. From then on I have always loved collecting recipe books and trying all of them out, while creating my own. On this blog you can expect to find some old, new, handed down, tried and tested recipes with spoonful's of fun along the way.

A delicious pizza topped with fresh tomatoes and basil on a rustic wooden cutting board.

To make things a little bit easier, I have put each post in to designated categories so whether your looking for a Breakfast recipe or something for Dinner, maybe a Drink or want to see a review on a place I've eaten in, you will be sure to find it easy to navigate around my blog. The categories are as follows- Breakfast- Lunch- Dinner- For Afters- Snacks- Eating Out- Drinks- Partnerships

A person cooking meat on a stove top in a kitchen.

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